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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ten Years Later... Let's Start Here

This past weekend I stumbled upon the Nanny Goat, 12 hour/24 hour ultra marathon. I saw a few friends post about it on Facebook and Instagram, so I was hoping to run a few laps with some Marathon Maniacs… but when I arrived, they were lapping faster than my current pace, and the MMs I wanted to run with were pacing for the 50 mile or the 100 mile. Their ultra marathon paces where faster than my regular workout pace.

I wanted to cry.

That’s what you get for not running in over 4 years. Kicking myself! Ugh.

Then Serena texts me the next day, saying I should sign up for the San Francisco Half Marathon 2017. Something to train for, she says. How can I say no?! She paced me for my very first marathon, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco in 2008. After pacing me, she ran an additional 3 miles around the neighborhood before going home (She was scheduled to run a 16 mile training run that day) Ugh, she kills me! She is so freakin’ awesome.

OMG! It’ll be our ten year friendship anniversary! : I HAVE TO DO IT :

Googling, “How to train for a half marathon…”

Look! My tried and trusted program from years past, Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Guide – Novice 1 Program:

Now we are in business! Let’s see… it says here you should have the ability to run 3 miles, three to four times a week. But it doesn’t say anything about the quality of the runs… okay, so I need to focus here and make my runs STRONGER without peaking. I peak too soon, too fast, too much. Amateur.

Focus for the month of June:
3 miles, three to four times per week. (WATCHING MY HEART RATE – emphasis mine)

Let’s start here.